A.M. Run: Ice Age, Part II


So, we’re in for a few more days of this bitter cold. Overnight Friday into Saturday morning, temperatures could bottom out around 0º F, but it looks like we’ll get back into the 30s and 40s next week.

Given the cold, I was tempted to skip the early a.m. run today, but I had to be in court out in the suburbs by 9:00 a.m., and I’m supposed to be doing a podcast this afternoon (more on that as it develops); so, my only choice was to get up at 4:45 or skip today’s run altogether. I am loathe to take days off, because I’m always afraid I won’t get back to my routine if I miss a day or two.

So, out I went.


Why do I always look so … um … blurry at this hour?

Whereas yesterday the temperature actually dropped while I was running – from 12º down to 10º – today, it was a consistent 10º the whole time. Add in a stiff north wind, and my toes were none too happy. On the other hand, running in this weather is a lot like knocking your head against a wall. It feels great when you stop.

Thankfully, tomorrow should be a relatively calm, quite day, leading into a three day weekend. So there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy Thursday!

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A.M. Run: Arctic Blast


This time of year, whenever the temperatures drop this low we start to think … may this will be the last bout of really cold weather we have to face till next winter. But the fact is, you can never be too sure. We’ve had blizzards in March and early April, and so we’re not really safe until, I dunno, May, maybe?

Scratch that. We’ve actually had snow flurries in May. It’s not common, but it does happen.

Still, we can’t have too many more days of temperatures in the low teens or single-digits, right?

One can only hope.


The windows have iced over again!

In any event, it’s supposed to be pretty cold until Friday, and then it’ll warm up a bit. At least for a little while.

Of course, because the temperature fell after yesterday’s mini-snowstorm, the little snow we got stuck around. Maybe it’s a function of age (no, strike that; it’s definitely a function of age), but running on snow is more of a struggle than it used to be. Nonetheless, I survived the cold and the snow and got a decent run in:



And it’s a good thing I headed out early. I was swamped all day, and tomorrow’s going to be even crazier.

Thank god it’s Thursday already. Wait. You mean it’s only Wednesday??


Happy running, everybody.

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A.M. Run: Snow!


Well, don’t get too excited. We got a little snow overnight. Maybe an inch-and-a-half to two inches. Not a big deal. But this winter has been a bust for the most part, so it was nice to see some relatively normal February weather when I rolled out the door this a.m. I would have appreciated a slightly warmer temperature, but, hey, you can’t have everything.

I’ll be honest. The best part about running in fresh snow is that it tends to deter most other runners, and, being a crabby old man, I’d prefer to be out on my own at 5:00 a.m. Plus, you feel like a badass when it’s still dark out and you reach your turnaround point … and there’s only one set of footprints in the snow:


That was true most of the way, aside from some critter tracks (mostly opossums and raccoons, and a couple of rabbits), and a few sets of human footprints that belonged to newspaper delivery people. Hats off to them for being out so ungodly early. (In related news, I guess some people still read newspapers.)

Anyway, it was a slow run on account of the snow, but I felt much better than my Friday and Monday runs, which were slow without any real reason other than my age and overall crotchetiness. Saturday’s run – a four-miler on the track – was pleasant, but the weather was, once again, unseasonably warm:


Meanwhile, now that the Super Bowl is over, there are two things you need to know.


Blackhawks - Central Division Standings 20160209

And, second: It’s only

Ron Santo No. 10

days till Cubs pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

You’re welcome, America.

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A.M. Run: Slow Motion


There was a light dusting of snow on the ground, but otherwise the conditions were mild this morning. And yet, it was a pretty awful run, all in all. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe it was the stress of a major hearing in court this afternoon, but either way, it was pretty unpleasant. My legs felt like lead, and I struggled the whole way through a fairly short run (roughly 3.4 miles, according to Map My Run).

That’s going to happen from time to time. I’ve been a pretty serious runner for a little over 20 years now, and so I’ve had more than my share of bad running days. The good news is, you get to run again tomorrow. And every opportunity to run is an opportunity to have a good run.

And this guy’s always there to cheer me up after a run, good or bad.


Anyway, speaking of being old and slow, take it away, Keith …

“I’m on my way to heaven/’Cause I’ve done my time in hell …”

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A.M. Run: Frosty


Predictably, rumors of winter’s demise were greatly exaggerated. This morning the temperature was much closer to what you’d expect in early February, but the streets were clear. Aside from a fairly stiff wind that somehow managed to change directions so that I was always running headlong into it, it wasn’t too bad out.

I had no time to stop and take pictures this morning, so you’ll just have to take my word for it – Christmas lights are still up in various locations.

Anyway, I’m a bit swamped today (preparing for a major hearing tomorrow afternoon), so that will have to do for now.

Happy running!

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A.M. Run: Wet, But Blizzard-Free


At this point, I figure every day without a major snowfall gets us that much closer to spring, although I’m cognizant of the fact that we had a similarly mild winter back in 2011 … right up to the beginning of February, when we were hit with the third-highest snowfall on record. This is what Lake Shore Drive looked like on the morning of February 2, 2011:

Chicago 2011 - 2

I’m not sure why all those people elected to drive to work on February 1, given that this particular blizzard had been in the forecast for at least a couple of days before it hit, but whatever.

In any event, yesterday we dodged the major snowstorm that stretched from Nebraska through Iowa and into Wisconsin, so that was a relief. We did, however, get nearly an inch of rain … and if it had been below freezing here, that could have resulted in a decent amount of snow instead. All things considered, I’ll take my chanced dodging puddles in the early a.m.

If I have any complaint about this morning’s run, it would be this. PEOPLE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS:

Or, at the very least, don’t turn them on in February!

Happy Wednesday, everybody.

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A.M Run: Winter-ish?


I may have seen my shadow in the early morning streetlights, but apparently Punxsutawney Phil did not see his (nor did his local cousin, Woodstock Willie, who resides in the town where Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day was filmed). Bad news for our Canadian friends, though. Manitoba’s favorite groundhog died recently, meaning winter there will never end, I guess.

Well, anyway, I never did put much stock in groundhog science, and since we haven’t had much of a winter here so far, I fully expect a couple of months of heavy snow and bitter cold temperatures to commence any day now …

But I digress.

I was able to get a decent run in early this morning, so I don’t have too much to complain about.


Hey, you’d look blurry too at 5:12 a.m. …

Of course, the cats don’t really appreciate my inconsistent schedule, but what’re ya gonna do. The earlier I’m up, the earlier they get fed.

Smokey doesn’t like the predawn glare of my laptop:


Max is unhappy that Smokey took his spot:


And Sparks is having none of it:


Meanwhile, sometimes you just feel like this …

Don’t drive angry!

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